Tired of sleepless nights with a crying baby? SleepShop can help.

Stop running on fumes. Get the sleep you crave with a baby who sleeps through the night. We've got 10 years of satisfied clients to prove our methods work. If you want sleep, you want SleepShop.


Sleep consulting is all we do. Every baby we have ever worked with has found peaceful, all-night sleep consistency. It's possible for you too!

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About Melissa

Melissa is your partner for infant sleep training and family care, ensuring the first months are as joy-filled as they should be.

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"Hiring Melissa Brown is the best decision that we ever made. Our lives were too busy to think we can do something we’ve never done before without help. She guided us through the first year and enabled Amanda and I to maintain our sanity every time we talked to her. Dylan Rose has been sleeping 12 hours a night since she was 12 weeks old. We can 100% attribute it to the tools and tricks we learned those first few months with Melissa’s program."

The Whidden Family

"Working with Melissa was the best decision we made after welcoming our twins. The daily support she provided was so helpful and encouraging, and the tweaks we made to our schedule worked miraculously! With Melissa’s help I had the twins taking 3 reliable naps and sleeping 12 hour stretches at night by 12 weeks. With 3 kids under 2 our life was chaotic, and Melissa helped restore sanity into our lives with a predictable routine and the sleep that we all so desperately needed."

- Liz 

Ready for a good night's rest?

Knowing that life will throw us all enough curve balls without having to worry about unpredictable sleep schedules (and all the challenges that result from sleep deprivation), we've made it our mission to spare as many families from this stress as possible, sharing the tips and tricks we’ve learned through study as well as personal experience to ensure everyone is getting a good night’s rest!


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