Has bedtime become a struggle that ends in tears and restless nights?

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All you want is an uninterrupted night of sleep, but baby just won't cooperate. You've tried googling or referring to the books, but you doze off reading, you're so tired. That's why we've presented our foundational sleep tips in a quick 30-minute video, so you can start implementing our proven methods for bedtime tonight. 

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Infant (0-12 months)
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How to prepare for sleep

A good night's rest begins before your baby lays down. We're sharing our proven process for creating the ideal sleep environment and routine to teach an independent sleep cycle. 

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How to maintain sleep 

Nothing is worse than finally falling asleep only to wake to nighttime crying. Follow our guidelines to help your little one sleep longer and adapt to putting him or herself back to sleep without disturbing you.

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How to adjust to development

Rapid development can lead to sleep interruptions both at night and during nap time. We've got some recommendations to help smooth out those transitions, so you don't loose your progress.

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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information/advice provided during this consultation is not medical advice. You are not establishing a medical professional/patient relationship. The advice is for informational purposes only and is intended for use with healthy children with common sleep issues that are unrelated to medical conditions. The information provided is not intended nor is implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or the health and welfare of your baby. 


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